The Best Asian Cam Girls 2020, Where to Find them?

My Top List of Girls from Asia!

Today, Asian Cam Girls can be found all over the place! Cam sites like Chaturbate, StripChat, CamSoda have an Asian category or tags that allows you to find them easily. Or even the very unique Sakura Live website who works only with pure blood Japanese girls living in Japan.

Even if there is a large number of them, they are not always what you expect to see. The prettiest and hottest ones are not always online and they are sometime not as wild and confident as most Western Cam Girls.

The times zone difference is also an issue when the girl is living in Asia, especially if you are in United States. Fortunately, a lot of them are living in Europe and USA.

Here is my Asian Cam Girls ranking coming from all cam sites including their Chatroom link and Twitter if available. Enjoy it and don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you know an Asian jewel not showing here.


1#: Miyuki (mewnewmochi)

Miyuki is a young Japanese girl living with her Australian boyfriend. They’ve been streaming together for a while now! The couple is live on a regular basis. She’s also masturbating alone when the boy is not available to fuck her online. In my opinion, they are definitely part of the best interracial teen couples broadcasting in 2020.

Nationality: Japanese
DOB: April 2, 2000
Body Type: Petite, Fit, Tan, Flexible
Hobbies: Karate,Hip-hop dance
Website: Chaturbate
Schedule: 15:00 – 19:00 (Singapore Time)

#2: ChloeTaya

Chloe Taya left me speechless the first time I landed in her chatroom. Jesus Christ, what a pure young Asian beauty! She definitely knows how to take good care of her body, that’s for sure! Her boyfriend usually take part of the show as well. All their streamings are always very exciting to see and it’s also very enjoyable to chat with them.

Nationality: Unknown
DOB: March 8, 1999
Body Type: Fit
Hobbies: Modeling
Website: Chaturbate
Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 11:00pm – 05:00am (Eastern Daylight Time)
Twitter: Unknown

#3: AdeliMint

Here is AdeliMint, sweet Asian girl living in Russia. I love her geek style including big glasses and messy hair! Of course, if she’s part of my personal Asian Cam Girls list, it means she also has an amazing body. Amazing Asians shapes, skinny fit and big ass as bonus. She’s a real cutie and it never last too long before she gets very naughty.

Nationality: Russian
Age: 21 years old
Body Type: Petite, Big Ass, Tattoos, Small Tits, Shaven
Hobbies: Sport, Violin, Meditation
Website: Stripchat
Schedule: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown

#4: HiAlice

Also known under the username “MilkAlice” a few years ago, Alice has been streaming for a while now! She’s the only Chinese girl of my listing because sex cams and porn is strictly forbidden in China. She’s kind of a rebel, an exception! Honestly, her body just looks so unreal and perfect, so smooth and cute.

Nationality: Chinese
Age: 24 years old
Body Type: Petite, Skinny, Cute
Hobbies: Unknown
Website: LiveSexAsia (LiveJasmin)
Schedule: 13:00 – 18:00 (Beijing Time)
Twitter: Unknown

#5: RubySimpson

RubySimpson is only a mixed Asian girl but she definitely deserve a spot on my ranking. Cuteness is the first thing that came to me when I got in her chatroom for the first time. She’s really sweet! Always wearing various clothing styles from one day to another.

Nationality: Unknown
Age: 19 years old
Body Type: Petite
Hobbies: Dance
Website: LiveSexAsia (LiveJasmin)
Schedule: Unknown

#6: Mio (Mio_akiyama)

Looks like she comes straight from a Japanese Manga! It’s not a coincidence as she picked her username from an anime Character. Mio is a pure blood from Japan. Tiny breast and small fit body as you like. I saw her streaming on three different cam sites including Chaturbate, LiveJasmin and SripChat. You are free to choose your favorite.

Nationality: Japanese
Age: Jan. 6, 2000
Body Type: Fit, Small Tits
Hobbies: Unknown
Website: Chaturbate, LiveSexAsia (LiveJasmin), StripChat
Schedule: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown

#7: Evelyn (evelyn_hongkong)

Evelyn is a young Chinese girl living in Guangzhou (China). She’s studying International Law. Her first broadcast was on May 15 2018. Usually using dildo and aslo lovense lush during her live shows. Again, it’s nice to see a cutie from China streaming on a western cam site. Evelyn is kind of badass, sometime smoking a cigarette in the middle of her show.

Nationality: Chinese
Age: Nov. 19, 2001
Body Type: Nice Tits, Cute
Hobbies: Unknown
Website: Chaturbate
Schedule: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown
Instagram: Cost 1 Token ($0.11)

#8: Lia (tiny_cute)

As her username says, Lia is a tiny and cute Asian girl from Japan. She’s 19 years old and has a big tattoo visible all over her left hip and leg. When her incredibly fit and hot body starts getting naked, I usually can’t resist long before to send her ton of tips. Just wanna activate her Lovense remote sextoy perfectly fitted between her beautiful shaved gab.

Nationality: Japanese
DOB: Dec. 21, 2000
Body Type: Tiny, Skinny
Hobbies: Video Games
Website: Chaturbate
Schedule: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown

#9: Kawaiisquirt

Here is another very interesting interracial couple! They are both living in Norway. He’s got very good taste and fully taking the advantage of it by sharing it online with the world.

Nationality: Unknown
DOB: April 14, 1995
Body Type: Petite, Tanned
Hobbies: Unknown
Website: Chaturbate
Schedule: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown

This is just the beginning, updates are coming 🙂

The Top Asian Cam Sites!

The Ranking Criteria are the amount of girls connected everyday, their prettiness, the overall experience on the website. Remember that you need to purchase tokens to enjoy the full potential of a cam site.

Without any token, you can still watch all girls and chat with them but without any control possible.

On the other hand, getting tokens allows you to control her Lovense (remote pussy sextoy). Also, you would be able to get private shows and see things that free users can’t see. Tips can be sent anytime to makes her naughtier!


#1: Chaturbate

Chaturbate is still the number one! Many Asian girls from various countries are choosing this platform because it’s simply the most popular one. They are streaming mostly from United States, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan. The website design is still simple and very efficient compare to newest cam sites. That makes the user experience much more enjoyable.


  • Estimated Asian Girls Usually Online: 200 Girls
  • Minimum Token Cost: $10.99/100 Tokens

#2: LiveSexAsia (from LiveJasmin)

LiveJasmin is simply the largest cam site available right now. The Asian Cam Girls category is one of the most interesting one. Note that most girls look offline but you can actually give them a call. They will come online in no time then, just for you! Let’s be honest, you will have to pay for most features but the user experience is definitely unique. Models will always make your credit as worthy as gold!



  • Estimated Asian Girls Usually Online: 300 Girls
  • Minimum Credit Cost: $33.99/28 Credits

#3: StripChat

Stripchat is very similar to Chaturbate in terms of functionality. Created and owned my xHamster group just a few years ago, this cam site is growing up very quickly. Some Asian Cam Girls can actually be seen streaming on both Chaturbate and Stripchat  at the same time. Others are broadcasting exclusively on just one site. I can tell you one thing: Asian girls are all over the place on Stripchat!


  • Estimated Asian Girls Usually Online: 100 Girls
  • Minimum Token Cost: $9.99/90 Tokens

#4: Sakura Live

Sakura Live is the most exclusive cam site of this list because you will only see Asian girls there! Mostly young Japanese students who want to make some extra bucks. It makes this place very unique and exotic! Note that to fully enjoy Sakura live, you will need to experience a few girls and keep the best on side. They’re not all worth it as you could expect. But trust me, if you get the right one and you are also a pure Asian lover, you’re gonna cum a fucking load on your keyboard.


  • Estimated Asian Girls Usually Online: 100 Girls
  • Minimum Points Cost: $20.00/ 10 points

#5: CamSoda

  • Estimated Asian Girls Usually Online: 50 Girls
  • Minimum Token Cost: $4.99/100 Tokens Cam: All Asian Cam Girls in one Spot!

Looking for a website that regroups all Asian cam girls from different cam sites?



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